Monday Matters Round 2 – Fake News – 24/11/18


In this article, it informs the audience that Mark Zuckerberg is going to step down from the company, Facebook. There have been large scandals that he has been taking private information from his customers and selling it for millions. He says he cannot deny or confirm if way apart of it, however, he takes fault for it since he was the CEO. He was asked for his future plans which he was shy to answer, but he said he had ambitions to rule the country. Saying he was already ruling the country since basically everyone has a facebook account. Billions log in every day, onto a website he created. He is certainly planning to run in 2020.

The major claim being made is that Zuckerberg is stepping down and running for president in 2020. The evidence being used is supposedly things Zuckerberg has said. The author uses to appeal to the authority to make it seem like everyone loves him anyways and so many people already use his program so therefore he will run for president. However, there is no actual evidence that Mark Zuckerberg has said any of this. To me,this seems like fake news since the website seems very sketchy as well as it is extremely short and it is not an official website. Also the fact that Zuckerberg is not stepping down.




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