Monday Matters #4 – 11/10

Trump 4

This cartoon first appeared on a blog. Appealing to the families affected and the Americans the cartoon is targetting America and how they are not letting people in and also separating and choosing why they want to let in. By looking at this image my eye is drawn to the shopping cart which the statue of liberty is pushing. They are selecting who they want in the country and if they do not fit the criteria they are not allowed in the country. The visual is addressing the fact that America is selecting and putting people behind bars who they do not like. The people being thrown behind bars are children, which relates back to my topic where the children are being put in juvy, just for the sake of not wanting them and that they are not legal. However, from other races and ethnities, they are allowed in the country. The point of view of the artist is how Trump should stop putting children behind bars and separating them from their families. It is started to be said that the holocaust signs are getting hard to ignore. Considering the fact concentration camps have been built in the deserts. Children should be free and not be behind bars. What can we do to stop this? How can we protect our world from history repeating?


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