Monday Matters #3 – 30/09 – Trump

The view of the Observer on how another moral low is hit for Donald Trump by separating families

Observer Editorial

Through one of the latest distraught news, it is been questioned if Trump has any empathy. Leaving 2,000 children in jail without their family knowing where they are. There is no exact count and no one knows who they are. There is no matching list either to be able to trace them back to their parents. First Trump takes the children away from their parents and now he takes them away and parents are not even sure where they are. What is next? Who knows but it seems quite scary? Does Trump have any empathy for these families or children? Who would think so, considering he has a family of his own but it does not seem so.

When you think it can not get any worse there is more betrayal to the land of free. It is said to say that there are reports to create concentration camps (virtual) based on the military bases. They will potentially be located in the deserts in California and Arizona. Europe has been able to deal with illegal immigration and di not go to this extreme so why is America doing this? This is far from morally correct and this is all done by the American president. The illegal immigrants have a background and a reason and explanation for fleeing. There is always a reason and of course, it is illegal but we should not be handling them like a piece of meat. They are only humans and why does the president of the United States not see this? Will this all actually happen? Do people regret voting for Trump?


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