Monday Matters #2


Trump claims that Barack Obama had the same law in place that he is insisting on. He is trying to convince everyone it has been going on for more than 50 years and that he is trying to stop it while the others have not succeeded. He claims Obama also separated children, but no one noticed. The Department of Homeland of Security solidifies it with that it has been done in previous years however the numbers were not as extreme. How did we not notice then? How come we are noticing it when Trump is in power? Is Trump taken it one step too far?


Shutting down the borders is another topic. Trump claims he does not want to shut down the border even though he has repeatedly said and used in his presidential election that he is going to build a wall.”I don’t see myself or anybody else closing down the country right now.” He also claims he can get it closed in one year and that a lot of work has already been done but been done in secret. After the midterms, serious discussions will be held about these topics. What does he mean with this? What has been done? Will America actually become closed off?




One thought on “Monday Matters #2

  1. Rosanne,

    Great topic, on everybody’s tongue in the US this summer while I was home. Be sure to begin your writing with a little bit of context–who wrote the article, what publication, when was it published, etc. In other words, a short topic sentence. LOVE your questions at the end of the post, and a very appropriate photo. Be sure to include source links on the post. Great post!


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