Monday Matters

The article

Over the summer a reoccurring news article was Trump splitting up immigrants. To be specific parents and children. It is all occurring at the Southern US border. There is a zero tolerance for when adults (18+) cross the border they are arrested. However, children are not allowed to be put in jail so therefore they are separated. There is a lot of cross-voting happening. Some people support the law others do not. The majority are also for children immigrants getting a citizenship. From may 4th to June 9th 2,300 children were separated from 2,200 adults. When will this stop is the real question?

Due to all this chaos, there is a re-election happening in November. Trump is being blindsided and is saying Democrats are causing all the problems. However, Trump is saying he does not want judges he wants border security as well as no one entering the United States. Trump really wants this new law to happen, but Schumer points out never has an immigration legislation passed the Congress. Will Trump get his way? Will this become an official law?





One thought on “Monday Matters

  1. Illegal immigration is a highly controversial issue that has been splitting public opinion for many years now. During his presidential campaign, President Trump made it clear that one of his main goals was to fight illegal immigration by building a wall between the United States and Mexico, and arresting anyone who entered the United States illegally. What the article reveals about the government’s zero-tolerance approach to illegal immigration does not surprise me, although I have to admit that the issue of children being separated from their parents and legal guardians is one that I had not given enough consideration before reading the blog. On the one hand, I see illegal immigration as a serious problem that does not only affect the United States, but also the countries from which immigrants come. On the other hand, the thought of families being split up in such a ruthless manner makes me think that the current administration should find a more suitable and humane way of dealing with the issue. Perhaps, instead of demonizing illegal immigrants, building walls and traumatizing innocent children, the government could try to identify the reasons why such a large number of people are leaving their countries and cooperate with their respective governments to find a sustainable solution. Illegal immigration is a complex phenomenon that calls for an elaborate answer. Try as I might, I find it very difficult to think of an effective strategy that would discourage immigrants from leaving their countries while protecting the ones who have already reached the United States. I believe that in order to find an ethical solution to the problem, we should first ask ourselves whether we truly want to live a borderless world and whether we want underage illegal immigrants to be treated in the same manner as adult ones. The main dilemma here is that while I know that I don’t want to live in a borderless world, I also know that I don’t want families to be split up in the name of national security.


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