Final Work Experience Evaluation

For the first day I was at a Baar KinderarztPraxis and for the other 4 days I was at a trust company called Zedra in Geneva. The reason I chose the first placement is because I am extremely interested and wanting to study medicine. However more precisely to be a children’s doctor. I applied to various hospitals and other medical placements however I got declined which is why the rest of the week I was with my dad. I did gather a large grasp of how a trust company and companies in general work with all the different departments. I was able to work in all departments throughout my week. For both placements I collaborated with the leader for the task I had. I asked questions when unsure of certain things. Especially in the first placement when something happened or something was done I would ask why one has to do this or what the impacts or to these certain things. Emotional intelligence was especially used in the first placement when knowing what to do or say. Such as when knowing to leave the room. I have improved my emotional intelligence as well as collaboration skills and communication skills. I used to be insecure in some situations to talk to people who I do not know. However this placement took me to a test since I had to interact and work with people I did not know. Even for my first placement I had to do it in a language I am not extremely confident in. When I had a question or anything wandering on my mind I was able to say or ask it without being hesitant. This will help me as well for my work experience for the summer. My first placement brought a lot of excitement and joy to myself. Throughout the whole day I was very excited for what to happen next. I loved it so much and the day went by so fast. It made me so excited for the future. My second placement made me realize even more that I do not want an office job. Even though I did accounting, marketing and more of the trust part of the company I know I do not want it. The days were quite long and the things I did, were not extremely challenging. I like having a challenge and learning new things. Whereas in my first placement I learned a lot of new things and it challenged myself. My second placement I was easily able to do the business expenses and the online booking without any mistakes. As an overall reflection this work placement week has made me realize even more and made we want to be a doctor even more. I know I do not want a desk job and I will work my hardest to not receive one.


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