My work experience from pediatrics to trust

Work Experience Week – Rosanne Hemelraad


Monday → Baar Kinderarztpraxis

Tuesday-Friday → Zedra Trust Company in Geneva


Monday 11th of June

When I came in for my work day I was nicely greeted and shown a tour. After being Introduced what I would be doing the first patients came in. I with a girl who is in her Ausbildung brought the patients to their rooms. We weighed, measured their length and also had to measure the baby’s head length. After patients got redirected or left we had to clean the room, tidy it since there were toys in every room for kids to play in and open the windows to let fresh air in. The first patients the kids had some difficulties letting them being touched by strangers so we had to invent different weighs to measure them. We measured to mom who then stood on the scale with the kid on it afterwards. The day then continued with allergy testing and long tests. I learned how they did the allergy and long tests. Also what to do when the allergy tests do not show and what could be the reason for it. They could have taken medicine or it could not have been put on properly. The medicine was also delivered which I then had to store away and make sure everything from the order came. Before lunch they realized I want to become a doctor and not a doctor’s assistant. Therefore, after my lunch break I got to walk with one of the kids doctors which was incredible. It made me realize even more how badly I want to become a pediatric doctor to actually help the kids and not just take shots or lead them to their rooms. This way you can establish a bond. The doctor I was shadowing news the baby’S since they were born. I followed her into checkups and consults. Checkups of a 1 month old baby, 6 months, 18 months, and a year. The parents had some worries as per usual. The one year old baby did not consume any dairy products. The parents were wondering what could happen. Calcium deficiency could occur and therefore she should try dairy products with the kid every 2-3 months. Another mom really quickly said yes after the questions ‘do you feel like your child can respond?, does your baby crawl?, can it walk?, can it speak 5 words? Etc.’ If a parent quickly says yes one should never directly believe it. Parents also had worries about tics. Wondering injections can start. It is not recommended before 6 since they can get really sick. There are 3 shots needed, first one then 1 month after and then 6 months after, but this does not make sure you are protected. Since this is only one disease. There was also a consult with a girl who had warts. The mom tried two types of medicine ‘wartab’ and something else however it did not work. The doctor then advised another type of treatment. The kid had two different types of warts Small ones by her finger which she would have to use this medication for and also bigger ones on her feet which is a different type of treatment. For this type she would get it frozen so it can slowly fall off. The last patient of the day was an emergency patient. He complained and had trouble breathing and talking since 3 after school. The mom was extremely worried since the boy was shivering. He is allergic to nuts and eggs but did not have any. Longs sounded good and so did the heart. Is heart pressure was at 94 instead of 98. But no one knew what exactly was wrong so another doctor had to come for a consult. Before we got the doctor the mom came out of the room saying her son was worse. The mom got out the epipen and had to give it to her son. This was the first time since he has been diagnosed with these allergies they have ever had to use it. Since the reason for the attack was unclear blood was taken which would be sent back to the lab to research.

I had an amazing day and the afternoon made me realize even more how much I want to become a doctor. It was an incredible experience!


Tuesday 12th of June

The morning I spent driving to Geneva with my dad. When arriving in the office I had a tour and introduced myself to everyone. Today I would be behind the reception. However, we arrived right before lunch break which is where the receptionist was headed. I then went with a guy who is in charge of trusts. He explained what a trust company is and what a trust is. You have the settlor, trustees, and beneficiaries, The trustees is what this company is. There are a lot of different types of regulations the settlor can make for his trust. It got all a bit complex. He then went on to show different clients such as a prince. I saw all his forms and investments and assets. We then went downstairs to see all the files and I saw deeds from 1950, which was incredible. All the minutes and everything. It is all extremely interesting. The settlor puts all his trust in the trustees and they deal with how much each person gets which is in the contract between the settlor and the trusty. The beneficiary cannot receive more than what’s in the contract.

Filing for the trust department


Wednesday 13th of June

Today I started by the accounting department of the Zedra office. I commenced my day by checking bills if they matched up with the tickets. Those were expenses from various employees. Afterwards, I got the job of doing an actual online booking which is proper accounting work. It is all about numbers and putting it into the system. I had a proper account and everything. My supervisor checked it afterward and it was perfectly done without any mistakes. I then went on to filing all of it. I finished all my work a lot quicker than expected from the people in the accountant office. Since it was my first time everyone was really surprised and I heard from a lot of other people how amazed they were. After lunch, I went on to filling assets with the trust part of the company.

Online bookkeeping for the company

Thursday 14th of June

Today I started off with the marketing part of the office. My supervisor informed me about everything. Yedra is organizing their annual summer party in two weeks and the third round has been sent off. People have to be taken off the round list who have replied and have to be added to the join or next time list. Which is what I helped with. I then had to go through the list of people who attended it last year and highlight the people who were invited this year. We then sent out the invitations to the ones who were not invited yet. In the afternoon I was helping my dads assistant. I had to do some business expense reports. Which was fun since I like numbers. Afterwards, a colleague of my dad explained structures to me. How holding various companies work and how they split their holdings. How they benefit from it and what basic structures are and etc. Finally, I went back to the marketing part of the company and a colleague enlightened me about all the social media (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, their website) and how they keep everything up to date. Also what exactly the marketing does. So they organize events, try to post something new every day, check the presentations from everyone to make sure they are using the right branding, updating the website etc. Which was all very interesting.

Business expenses
Various types of structures










Friday 15th of June

When entering the office for my last work day at the Zedra office in Geneva I felt excited. Although I have learned a lot these past couple of days it has made me realize even more how I do not want a desk job. When entering the office I started off by doing a task for my job. Which was putting all the documents and papers he had of an office they want to take over in Lugano and put them in one binder. I then was allowed to sit in on a marketing meeting, Which was very exciting. Since I was with the marketing department yesterday I could follow what they were talking about. They were talking about upcoming trips and their social media. As well as a lot of other topics. Afterwards, it was time to head out of the office.


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