Seeing the world from a different perspective


Throughout this year we have studied a variety of novels: ‘A view from the Bridge’, ‘Macbeth’ and now I am studying ‘Face’. All these novels are successful, but why are they outstanding? One of the main aspects of a fascinating, intriguing and enjoyable book is a gripping theme. The audience should not be able to put their book down due to shocks, cliffhangers, and amazement. The novels listed above are action packed novels with cliffhangers leaving the audience with a bunch of questions. 

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”

–William Styron

As William Styron said a novel should leave you breathless. Whether it is action or love packed, the novel should leave you on the edge of your toes at all times. It should contain emotional ups and downs. The author’s way of writing could also have an effect on several things. Such as easy diction could lead to the novel not being as suspenseful.
The novel I am currently reading with a partner is ‘Face’. It is a book about a gang leader (Martin) who gets in a car crash with a horrific result. He has to learn how to do deal with his loss. He receives new skin due to a skin graft, which leads to him having to view the world from a different perspective. As international students, we have been taught to view everything from multiple perspectives. However, this boy from East London has grown up in a world full of gangs. All he knows is how to be a good looking popular leader of a gang, but what will happen to him when the tables turn? Will his ‘friends’ stay with him or will true friendships be created? Martin has to reinvent himself, but does he want to? Sharing my ideas with a partner is beneficial to me since we can bounce back ideas and receive different perspectives from the story.


The book is written by Benjamin Zephaniah


Imagine yourself waking up in someone else’s body and all your friends ignore you. What would you do? Reading this book makes you question a lot of things. ‘Face’ has certainly brought a wider perspective to my mind. If I were in Martin’s shoes I have no idea how I would act. I am grateful for where I am in life. The things I have experienced, are other people’s dreams. Words cannot describe my thankfulness.



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