Police man shot a 15-year-old boy ~ Humanities 360

On Saturday night in San Diego there was an emergencyy call and a police man ended up shooting a 15 year old boy. The 15 year old boy pointed a gun at them, which ended up being a BB gun. Later they found out the boy made the emergency call to the station. The call included that theres hould be a welfare check on the boy. However, the call did not mention the boy being armed.

When the boy reached for the gun from his waist and pointed it at one of the officers, the officers demanded the boy to put the gun down. He refused and walked closer to the officer. He continued walking after ignoring the second command.

Both officers ended up firing their guns ended up striking the boy several times. He was recorded dead in the hospital.

The boy was unidentified but was a local resident and went to the school where he was shot to his death.

News Article


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