Landslide in Columbia – Humanities 360 – 02/03/17

A landslide in Columbia led to 250 people dying tragically on a Saturday morning. Putumayo province had heavy rainfalls which led to several rivers overflowing. All the water then went into the buildings and onto the roads.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.46.57

The water crashing into the buildings killed 254 people and injured hundreds. The terrified residents all tried to escape in the early hours in their pyjamas.

“It was a torrential rainstorm, it got really strong between 11pm and 1am,” said local resident Mario Usale, 42, who was looking for his father-in-law in the debris. “My mother-in-law was also missing, but we found her alive two kilometers away. She has head injuries, but she was conscious.” The water slamming into the buildings caused people to be drifted with the heavy water and slammed onto a variety of things.

This all happened in Mocoa where the president flew to. Mocoa has a population of 345,000 people. The president flew out to see the rescue efforts and consul the affected families. “We will do everything possible to help them,” Santos said after confirming the death toll. “It breaks my heart.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.51.12.png
Mocoa on a map.

The army has said that 400 people had been injured and 200 were missing. More than 1,100 soldiers and police officers were called in to help dig people out in 17 affected neighborhoods.

The Guardian – News article


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