Nuclear ban – Humanities 360 – 28/03/17

113 countries met at an UN meeting to discuss a upcoming ban. The US ambassador says the world is too unsafe for the US not to have nuclear weapons. The negotiations are on a treaty. It all started in the New York. At least 113 countries are part of the negotiations, which begun in the headquarters of NYC, this week. “legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination.”

The American ambassador Nikki Haley said in January outside of the meeting that the world nowadays is too unsafe for the US not to have nuclear weapons. US is not agreeing with the ban. There are eight other countries, which do not support the ban. Some countries are China, France, Britain, Russia, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. They all have nuclear weapons.

Out of the 113 countries supporting the ban Australia has said the most. Months of negotiations Australia has creating building blocks the reduce nuclear weapons. It has reduced a global stockpile of 15,00 weapons. Australia has consistently maintained that as long as nuclear weapons exist, it must rely on the American nuclear umbrella, the protection of the deterrent effect of the US’s nuclear arsenal, the second largest in the world. The political sentiment in Australia supports the ban.

The reason why we should care is because if it actually becomes a ban there are still countries that are going to gave nuclear weapons. It will never fully be gone Countries need nuclear weapons to stay safe. One should say that it is only allowed to be used for good purposes.

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