There is another world out there for one, its up to them if they want to go and discover it.

Literature is extremely powerful and one should let themselves be explored by it. Throughout this unit grade 9 studied Shakespeare’s play Macbeth‘. Shakespeare’s writing influenced and thought us a variety of lessons. I personally learned the important factors, which makes an excellent leader. However, the only way one gets thought the lessons is if they let the literature and their imagination go while reading the unravelling personality traits of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Macbeth – Shakespeare’s play

Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

Personally I feel like when one reads literature one should let their imagination set free. While one is reading, they should clear everything in their mind and create the ideal atmosphere around them. One who refuses to be influenced by literature one has one perspective of life. By reading literature one receives a wider perspective of the world. One gathers so much knowledge, which is not in reach if one does not open them to another world. Authors of books and poetry allow one to let every thing go while they reading their literature. Not only does literature set one’s mind free, but it also teaches us lessons.

Let your mind go

Throughout Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, aspects of what a good leader is portrayed throughout the actions of the characters. I have been taught that a god leader must have a variety of characteristics. One should be able to listen to others, follow their beliefs, know their own co-workers/partners and one should be able to speak up. Unique characteristics, which a leader must have. Macbeth in the play started of learning what a good leader Duncan was. Duncan was honourable, loyal, friendly and did not put himself in front of others all the the time. This made Macbeth’s perspective of Duncan shift. Macbeth had a moral dilemma whether or not to kill Duncan.

There’s another world out there for one to explore.

Even though Macbeth learned these aspects, he still transfers into an evil tyrant. He lets himself by persuaded by his wife and the witches prophecy. Within the play Macbeth was pressured into doing things he did not want to do, which led to his downfall. I personally can connect with this in a small way since I and other people get forced to do something, however, I always end up being left out and depressed. The result of Macbeth killing Duncan left him being depressed and having no will to live. This teaches the audience a lesson to always stick with their own beliefs. One should never be persuaded by another to do evil deeds. People nowadays let themselves be persuaded by another. Also known as peer pressure.

Stand up for yourself! Do what you believe in!

Peer pressure has been around for a long time. I struggle with it as well. ‘All your friends are doing it so why aren’t you?’ is a common question. The correct answer should be ‘because I do not want to, I am a different person and make my own decisions.’ Sadly the common answer is ‘I don’t know.’ Peer pressure is a though issue and one should learn how to stand up for themselves. Everyone is unique and should make their own decisions.


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