French artist living inside a rock – Humanities 360 – 26/02/17

A French artist named Abraham Poincheval is trying to live inside a boulder (12-tonne) for a week. This is being done in a museum in Paris. His performance till now has been shocking people. He is being moved place to place, but he stays still. He likes to say “I am travelling in this rock without moving, like an astronaut”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.09.31.png

The French artist is 44 years old. He dig out a hole inside the rock. He created just big enough for him to sit in it. It has a little segment for water, soup and dried meat. “People seem to be very touched. They come and talk into the crack, read poetry to me, or tell me about their nightmares or their dreams,” he said.“They are not so much talking to me, I think, as to the stone. I am very happy that the stone has got into their heads.”

Since it is very dark inside the rock he has no sense of time. Therefore his biggest wory is no sleep. The only way he is able to tell the time is by he museum. If he hear people vaguely he knows it is day time. That is as close as he can get to telling the time.

This artist has done other things in has carrier previously. He has crossed the alps in just a barrel. Last year he also spend a week on top of a 20 meter pole This pole was located outside a Paris train station. He has also spent 20 days underground as a human mole. He has also lived as a Stone Age man with his former sidekick Laurent Tixador on a small rocky island. Which was located in the Mediterranean off the southern city of Marseille.



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