Extreme pollution 10km down in the ocean – Humanities 360 – 14/02/17

No where is safe for the wild life. There has recently been a report saying that there is extreme pollution in the Marian Trench which is 10km deep in the ocean.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 09.23.42.png

“The fact that we found such extraordinary levels of these pollutants really brings home the long-term, devastating impact that mankind is having on the planet,” he said.

We as humans are destroying our living space and we have to stop. We are not the only ones who live on this beautiful planet.

“We still think of the deep ocean as being this remote and pristine realm, safe from human impact, but our research shows that, sadly, this could not be further from the truth,” said Alan Jamieson of Newcastle University in the UK, who led the research.

It is not just pollution but chemicals are thrown in the ocean. We have to remember all the beautiful creatures which live in the sea. If we throw everything in the ocean it will not be ‘peaceful and our escape place’ anymore. We have to think before we throw stuff in the ocean.

“The very bottom of the deep trenches like the Mariana are inhabited by incredibly efficient scavenging animals, like the 2cm-long amphipods we sampled, so any little bit of organic material that falls down, these guys turn up in huge numbers and devour it,” said Jamieson.

Beautiful creatures live in the Mariana Trench. Such as 2cm long amphipods. They think it is food and therefore they act like it is their pray and devour it. Which then leads to them dying and beautiful creatures to become extinct.


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