Looking through someone else’s eyes

Literature is a big part of our life, however do we all realize the affects one word can have on our community. As part of our grade 9 course we have to study the play ‘A View From the Bridge’ written by Miller. The play explores the nature of moral dilemmas as well as what is legally right. AVFTB is a literary tragedy meaning the protagonist of the story or also know the tragic hero has fatal flaws which lead to his down fall. In ‘A View From The Bridge’ Eddie Carbone is the tragic hero having multiple flaws; over protectiveness, selfishness and aggressiveness, which all lead to his down fall. However was the justice he had to serve right?

Miller’s play

Literature allows us to perceive the power that one person can have within a certain community.

The Statement of Inquiry is explored throughout the whole play. The community the Carbone family lived in was a small neighborhood in Red Hook, Brooklyn, in the 1950’s. Everyone knew each other and therefore when the Carbone family took in the two Italian immigrants they had to keep it quiet. As a male in the 1950’s you have all the say and all the power. What happens when one person can ruin your power and your reputation in your community. People in our community can have such as a great impact through words. The way Donald Trump delivers his words affect our whole community. It has a large power on us, the world, we are all one community. Literature lets us see the life and live the live through someone else’s eyes. It also lets use perceive things as they would.

The impact literature can have on one single soul is unimaginable.

Moral dilemmas happen everywhere and to everyone. Things such as should you push over one man to stop something kill 5 other men is a moral dilemma. What would you do?  Was calling the Immigration Bureau moral the right thing to do for Eddie Carbone? At the moment in time, though his eyes it was. However, as soon as he realized what he had down he felt the guilt. His down fall soon lead after that, and he got justice for what he did.

While reading a play the audience builds connections with the characters making them more hooked to the story. This keeps the audience captivated and makes them want to continue reading. While studying a play or watching a play the same thing occurs. By connecting to characters and study characters we can learn whether the decisions they make is the right decision. The choices the characters make and the outcomes they receive the audience could learn lessons as to what not to do.


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One thought on “Looking through someone else’s eyes

  1. Overall you have written a very insightful blog post. I find it good that refer back to the SoI multiple times and always tie this into real-life scenarios. I like how you mentioned the fact that a well written piece of literature is all that is needed to completely change ones opinion on a topic.


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