Canada may contribute to a Dutch led fund – Humanities 360 – 28/01/17

There is a Dutch led program/fund to support abortion in developing countries. Canada is now considering to contribute to this program. However, Trump has ordered to stop the financing of NGOs which support this fund. A Canadian spokesman Marie-Claude Bibeau informed the AFP minister who had spoken with her Dutch counterpart about the fund. She was considering donating an not specified amount of money which would support the “sexual reproductive rights, including abortion” abroad. “Sexual health and reproductive rights will be at the heart of Canada’s new international assistance policy,” spokesman Louis Belanger said in an email.

Canada is set to reveal its new abroad aid stargety in the next coming weeks. A decison which would lead to this reveal on the fund would be included or follow soon after that announcement.

On Monday Donald Trump signed a decree of the US government which funds for the NGOs which supports abortion.

The Dutch minister, Lilianne Ploumen said ‘Women can remain in control of their own bodies’. She said this when she announced the new fund. The Netherlands must do everything in its control to cancel the US ban so that the women can control their own bodies.



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