People in Canada losing their homes due to Climate Change – 360 Humanities – 18/01/17

Climate change is affecting the whole world. In Canada the rising sea level is creating several land loss. Lennox Island has already lost 400 acres in just a couple of decades. Due to this the First Nations is wondering if the Lennox Island has a future. Lennox Island is located on the east side of Canada. It is by the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.38.23.png
Location of Lennox Island.

Lennox Island has a community of around 450 people.  The shores of the Island have red sand and the island was set by the water. However now it is acing back.  The climate change is causing for more frequent and dangerous storms on the island. The warmer winters are also eating away the ice. The ice usually protects the shore for a large period of the year.

In a survey of the island there was a resulted of 1,520 acres of land. Recently in 2015 the survey has been recorded with only 1,100 acres of land.This means around 300 football fields worth of land has vanished.

The shore line keeps on creeping closer. People from the community remember playing baseball and football on fields where boats now lay. Houses which used to be 20 feet away from the shore are now close to being underwater.

Lennox island, which is around 1.5 times the size of Central Park in New York. Lennox island is losing around 2.47 acres of land per year. They community is looking into a lot of different solutions such as getting land from other islands.



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