Moscow’s new trend, rodend burgers – Humanities 360 – 18/11/16

As if eating frogs, dogs and other animals is not enough. People in Russia have started eating rodents. To be precise the new trend in Moscow is rodend burgers.

A rodent is a rat. Instead of kale or having quinoa on your burger. Imagine eating rat. To be more precise it is called a nutria, a giant orange toothed rodent also known as a river rat.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 20.28.30.png
A rodent

Most people are disgusted by the idea of eating a rodent. Especially after knowing how it looks like and where it is from. However  Kholikberdiev says “It’s a really clean animal; not only is it a herbivore but it washes all its food before it eats. And it’s very high in omega-3 acids. A lot of doctors and dietitians recommend it.”

At a newly opened bistro, Krasnodar Bistro in Moscow the nutria burger is pale juicy and fairly bland. To get a more precise image in your head it is somewhere between turkey and pork in. It comes on a soft bun served with relish and on a chopping board. Men say it tasted quite goog however while chewing on the meat you might get a couple of metal images of quivering whiskers and nattering orange teeth in your mind. At the bistro the normal sized nutria burger is 550 roubles (£6.90).

Nutria Burger

A nutria burger is not the only thing which is made out of the animal. Things such as sausages are also made and served at the bistro.

I thought this was just funny to know, as it is a new food craze. We never know this food craze might come to the rest of Europe.

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