Trump is trying to find out the quickest way to escape the Paris agreement – Humanities 360 – 12/11/16

Since Donald Trump has been elected for president last Tuesday, which was a huge shock to everyone, as he said during the debate he is trying to find the quickest way to get out of the Paris agreement. The Paris agreement consists of countries around the world who signed an international pact. This pact was to cut the greenhouse gases. However, Trump does not believe in climate change.

America is trying to make sure before Obama’s departure the agreement is set so Trump cannot get out of the agreement. The next talk is hosted on November 18 in Morocco where Obama will take place.

If you are wondering exactly what the Paris agreement is; a climate change accord agreed by around 200 different nations, which came into force on November 4, 2016. However it was accord in December 2015. The agrement is to make sure the world leaders keep global warming under 2 degrees.

We should all care about this, because if America is not in the agrement a lot of little countries who look up to America could drop out as well. Climate change is affecting a lot of things world wide. America leaving the agreement could stop the progress of trying to find a way to stop the climate change.

The news article


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