Should we follow our morals or think about the consequences?

In this blog post, I have been assigned to write about a couple of different scenarios and say what I believe in. As well as if my decision is moral based or if I thought more about the consequences.

Which path do you choose, what do you listen to.

If you already have a hardcopy of a book does downloading it illegally as well make it stealing?

On slide 7 it is questioning if whether buying a physically hard copy of a book and then also illegally downloading the same book on your kindle is stealing. Personally I do not think this is stealing, because the person has already bought a hard copy of the book. Also there is not a way you can be caught by illegally downloading the book. The person might feel a bit guilty afterwards however, they already bought a hard copy and they only want to use the illegal version on their kindle when it is more convenient. Therefore, I personally do not believe it is stealing.

The reasoning I am using to come to a conclusion is I started of with using my morals however, it is also about thinking about the consequences. My mom and I have had illegal songs on our phones, because we downloaded them from an illegal website and did it a sketchy way. We also have illegal books on our iPads. Therefore I know you can not get caught and it is not the worse thing in the world to do. Especially if the person already has bought a hardcopy of the book. 

The way I am being influenced by emotion is more of thinking about how they will feel afterwards. The person could feel guilt, which is what I felt afterwards. The guilt I felt was different, because this person already has a hardcopy of the book.

Is listening in on someone else’s conversations a bad thing?

Slide 10 debates whether it is wrong to listen to someone else’s conversation. The following scenario is if your sisters try to reach you to have an important discussion and you are not home. They leave a message however, they forget to stop the message after the part directed to you. Instead they left a message, which recorded their whole conversation is the other sister obligated to stop listening or is it okay for her to continue listening. I personally think the sister should stop listening, because it is wrong to listen to other people’s conversation.

My conclusion is driven by my morals however, if the sisters found out that you listen to their whole conversation they would be really mad. Therefore, I also thought of the consequences. If they find out they recorded the whole thing by accident and you did not listen to it they will be very pleased. Therefore it is the right thing to stop listening for the sister after the pat which was directed to her.

Emotionally this would make the sisters really happy if they hear the other sister did not listen to the voice message, which was not meant for her. The sister must be very curious but it is the right thing to stop the call.


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