French Woman storm out of their work due to pay disparity – Humanities 360 – 7/11/16

Where France is.

French women have had enough. They went to get paid the same amount as men do if they have the same job. They are fed up with pay disparity French women stormed out of work at 16:34 on Monday. They are protesting about receiving a lower income than their male colleagues. The women say that taking38.2 days off will increase their income. However, experts say the pay disparity will not disappear until 2186.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 14.52.50.png
French women storming out of work.

Former minister of the women rights Najat Belkacem backed up their strike saying “The fight for pay equality involves the whole of society. We cannot wait until 2186,” she tweeted. The current minister Laurence Rossignol has no problem with women in her office to stop working on joining the strike.

From November 7 16:34 and 7 seconds women are working voluntarily. There are just 13.8 million working women in France.Figures in 2014 show men’s salaries are 15.1 higher. Across Europe 16.1% of the women have a lower income than men.

The newletter Les Glorieuses said this is a strong sign. They urged everyone to protest. “We represent almost half of the working population and 52% of the total population. We don’t want to wait until 2186 for equal salaries. We do not wish to wait 170 years for this parity.”

We should all care, because this has been happening for a long time as well as it is happening all over the world and it is not fair towards the women. If women and men do the same job they should receive the same income.


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