Trump booed for calling Clinton ‘corrupt’ at an annual fundraiser – Humanities 360 – 21/10/16

Donald Trump’s campaign has been going in a direction no one has ever seen before. On Thursday himself and Hilary Clinton, as well as other people, attended a Catholic charity dinner.The Catholic dinner is an annual reception for needy children in New York. The Catholic charity dinner is usually a moment of good cheer in the presidential race. However, Donald Trump took it too far and got himself booed on Thursday evening. The annual dinner took place inside the Waldorf Astoria.

Trump and Clinton both settled into their seats at the beginning of the reception without any acknowledgement of the presence of the other. Hilary shook Melanie’s hand, Trump’s wife however only later her and Trump were spotted shaking hands and having a short conversation which lasted around 30 seconds.

Trump was the first to speek during the reception, which took an expected and unexpected turn.

Trump during his speech at the reception for the needy children in New York.

At the beginning of his speech, Trump got some cheers and smiles during his speech. It did not last very long, because his speech quickly turned into a attack on Hilary, which made the audience boo. As well as shouts for him to stop speaking.

He started of saying something about Michelle Obama and made some other jokes. Which then led to him talking about Hilary. The audience of 1,500 people in ballroom gowns and tuxedos were not amused. Nor were they amused 24 hours earlier during the previous presidential debate when he called Clinton a “a nasty woman”.

“This is the first time that Hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate donors and not getting paid for it,” Trump said. “Hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the Watergate commission.” – Trump said.

This presidential race continues to be one of the most interesting and weirdest presidential races known to men kind.

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