Hurricane Matthew – Humanities 360 – 08/10/16

Hurricane Matthew is unstoppable

On September 28th 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti. Haiti has suffered a number of environmental causes recently. In 2010 a horrible earthquake struck the islands in the Caribbean. They have yet not been able to recover. Since then hurricanes and more earthquakes have struck the small islands in the Caribbean.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 09.22.52.png
Haiti is an islands which lies in the Atlantic Ocean and it is apart of the Caribbean islands.

The hurricanes which struck any of the Caribbean islands get a name. Each time the name starts with the next letter of the alphabet therefore it is called Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane Matthew struck on Tuesday with 145 mph, which is around 233 kmh. It has ruined around 3,200 homes, drowned animals, destroyed plantations and displaced more than 15,000 people

The number of people killed by Hurricane Matthew keep on increasing. On Friday it was said 842 people were killed. Rescue workers are still looking for bodies in every area of the islands. It will still take days before a defined number of dead people will be announced. People were not only killed by the flooding, but they were also killed, because of the falling trees. It is estimated around 98% of the city Jérémie, in Grand’Anse department has been destroyed. The city Jérémie is an old historic center and old homes. Everything there has been ruined. It is mind blowing what envirnmental destructions can do.

The historic city, Jérémie


In some areas around 50-60cm of rain has fallen, which has causes graves to open. One of the major concerns is that there will become diseases, because there is no acces to clean water and food. More then 500,000 men, women and children urgently need shelter, drinkable water and edible food. Since Hurricane Matthew also hit the plantations it is now hard to grow crops, which causes hunger in the nation.

Hurricane Matthew was not planning to stop, Friday morning it struck the coast of Florida, United States. This is one of the first major hurricanes to hit the coast of America in more than 10 years.

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