Syrian children return to school – Humanities 360 – 02/10/16

As the bombing of Aleppo continued by the Syrian government and the Russian ally, the children in the eastern district began their new school years.

Hundreds of people have been killed and 1,000 people have been injured in more than a week time of airstrikes by Russian and Syrian warplanes. This has also moved troops into military areas for action.  The military commanded that all the troops and army’s would leave the eastern districts of Aleppo, so the residents can continue living a normal life. It has been said both the Russian and Syrian government would guarantee their safety, however, these promises are unlikely to be kept.

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 19.48.13.png

The residents of Aleppo said that there was more bombing on Sunday. This did not stop some students attending school. Local teachers shared pictures of a few students attending classes. The teachers were surprised any students even showed up.

The schools in the eastern district of Aleppo officially re-opened on Saturday. Although the school has underground facilities residents still say weapons such as bunker-buster bombs can still damage the school. Even schools which have already been bombed, and are abandoned now are being struck again.

Students have to stay after school incase of bombing. On Sunday the students could not leave, because warplanes were flying in the area. All the teachers are grateful for the students trying to live a normal life and all the residents are happy when they see kids carrying their school bags.

The Guardian – The news article


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