My Personal Development Week Experience

My PDW Experience ~ Personal Development Week

In our school as from grade 3 goes on PDW (Personal Development Week). Every grade goes somewhere different. In grade 9 we went to the Ardèche in France to challenge our fears and improve our teamwork. We did some activities, which were life threatening; Via Ferrata above the river, caving, canoeing and high ropes course. When I look back these are the things that stick out to me.

The Noun Project

Throughout PDW all of our skills are put to test. We learn new skills to help us and benefit us in school and beyond. One of the main skills we developed in the Ardèche is team work. You have to be able to work with your team and share your ideas, especially when you are hanging from a cliff with a team member you have to be able to communicate to make sure you do not fall into the Ardèche river below you. You have to be able to trust your team members, without trust you do not come very far in this week. Instead of learning about physics, language or different equations, we learn a variety of skills and we are put in a variety of situations which we have to come out of alive. With most of the time just a harness and two carabiner.

Ardèche, France

The Personal Development Week is a time not only to develop or gain new skills, but also to get new friendships and make stronger friendships. We have the opportunity to talk to anyone we want. During the week, everyone talks with everyone, which I personally love. It is like we are all a big family.

The grade 9 PDW in the Ardèche has been my favorite PDW by far. I have made new friendships, stronger bonds and connections with people I already new and I was challenged. This PDW was an amazing adventure and I wish it would have never ended.



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