What is an identity? Can you create your own identity or is it created for you?- English – 14/09/16

What is an identity? Do you create your own identity or is it created for you?

Identity is something that you are constantly earning. It is a process that you must be active in creating.

What is an identity? Identity is something everyone creates by themselves. Over time people develop and define their identity. Everyone has their own identity and are unique in their own way. Men create it. One can have a good or a bad identity it is dependent on us and what path we choose. Everyone in this world is in charge of their own identity. No one can change it. It is your own identity and you discover it.

Over the years I have found out different things about my identity. Living in different countries and cultures puts a test on my identity, I was comfortable in Luxembourg and thought I knew my identity. However, when I heard I had to move to Switzerland it is a whole adjustment although it is just 500 kilometers away. New people, different cultures and different traditions is what I had to adjust to. Over time in Switzerland my identity has been changing, it is still changing right now. My identity changes every day. Everyday I find a new puzzle out about my life.

One of the biggest issues my generation is facing currently is we are scared of showing our identity. We act differently around others to try and be ‘cool’. We should all be proud of who we are. No one should put others down or make others change their identity. At ISZl we are encouraged to have our own identity and compose our own identity. Many of us are afraid to let our true colors show, even if we are encouraged to. PDW is a week where we discover our true identity and develop our identity as well as our peers identity’s. Spend the time wisely and dig deeply. It is a learning experiment for everyone. Instead of learning about history, numbers or language we are learning about ourselves, which is equally important and will bring us extremely far in life. Through trying new and/or scary things, I will discover more about myself. I will never know if I am good at something, which I have never done before if I always try the same things. Everyday everyone should try to do something new whether it is a new food, new sport or it is doing daily routines differently. We should all vary our days; if we always do the same things, we will never know our true identity and our life will all become very dull.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” – as said by William Shakespeare.

I have one thing to say and it is people’s choice whether they decide to follow it. Today, take some time and try something new, do something different.

A short clip of me living my life and doing one of the things I love the most.

Humans of New York – Vignette

When am I the happiest? When I am on the pitch and with my friends, doing the things I love. My name is Rosanne, because my parents knew a young, pretty, bright and spontaneous woman whose a name was Rosannah. Death. Death is the biggest fear I have. Once I die no one will remember me. No one will ever know I existed. I guess in one one way it is good to know that people will never know you existed. It makes me wonder why there is a point to live. Before you die my words of wisdom are to live every moment to the fullest and do not think twice. Have fun till it lasts and spend time with the people you love especially the ones who might not be with you in a couple of years. athletic, insecure and conscious. These are the words I as well as other people would use to describe me. My life has been a rollercoaster. At one point I thought I wanted to become a swimmer, I trained 4 times a week for three years. It made me realize soccer is my passion.



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2 thoughts on “What is an identity? Can you create your own identity or is it created for you?- English – 14/09/16

  1. I really loved your concept of identity as how it changes as you meet different people or move to different cultures. I think that the meaning of identity has changed for me after reading your blog. I liked the way you explained your personal experience about how your identity has changed over time and it is still changing. It is good that you brought up PDW because even I feel like my identity has changed in PDW in a good way. You also brought up how you put on a mask of fake identity because you need to “fit in” and be a “cool kid”. This is a really good point as people around us constantly try to build an identity of someone else and not of who they are. Overall, I really loved your idea of identity but I think that you should explain it a little more.


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