Criminals making millions from illegal wildlife trafficking – Humanities 360 – 26/09/16


In Africa illegal wildlife trafficking has been a huge problem for a long time now. Criminals are killing endangered animals to make millions of money. They are killing endangered species such as elephants, rhinos and tigers.

The investigation has suggested that traffickers from southern Africa either send their animal parts on a plane or on a boat across the sea to Thailand or the market in China. The various wild life animal parts are then used for traditional medicine.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 19.59.31.png
Tigers are mostly killed in Asia and rhino’s and elephants in Africa.

The guardian has been investigation this criminal activity a lot lately. For the past year they have worked with a Thai anti-trafficking organization (Freeland), who have been providing information. Freeland have two suspects in mind who are Vietnamese brothers. These brothers control a primary route for smuggled parts of endangered animals.

Animal trafficking has a net worth of $23 billion a year. This makes it the fourth largest black market drugs, people smuggling and arms smuggling.

Many animals are heading towards extinction. Wildlife trafficking is making it increase at a faster pace. Around 1,000 rhinos are killed by poachers every year. Which makes there only to be 30,000 alive right now. 5% of what it used to be four decades ago.

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